Coromandel Place Melbourne CBD

Coromandel Place is the perfect location for a Commercial Automation Melbourne office as its neatly tucked away and beautifully presented allowing office workers a calm environement to work.  It has 3 levels of stunning architecture that combines a classic building with modern technology.  The owners and tenants wanted to make sure that the property was safe and secure with the minimum of fuss and we achieved this without compromising the stature of the property with the inclusion of the latest in technology.  The premises has a single entry point thus reducing the need for multiple systems to cover all levels, increasing the effciency of the system.

Integrated Electrical Technologies was engaged to design and build multiple facets of the property, including the entry and intercom system, alarm system and the CCTV system.  Checking and discussing the needs of the owner and tenants gave us the ability to recommend and install the latest systems to work seamlessly together to provide the ultimate in control and protection.  Overall the owners were thrilled with the results and the speed at which the build was completed by us.


The entry system we provided to the building is run by Bluetooth capabilities controlling a 2N Intercom.  The Bluetooth and RFID module for 2N IP Verso combines the current leading RFID technology with a modern approach to access control.  This means that the management team has the ability to provide codes as required to staff or contractors or they can create Bluetooth access which gives people entry to the building through an app on their phone.  The keypad system recognises the registered phone and when they touch the Bluetooth button on the keypad, the system sensors will open the door for entry into the building.  The access can then be revoked or reinstated as requried to each person who needs to enter the building, allowing management complete control over their day to day security needs.

Having a 2N intercom system installed gives the team many options for providing access.  The Bluetooth system is only one way in which the system does this.  Management is also capable of providing people with key-code entry,  giving an individual single day access or multiple day access using the code.   Management also has the ability to create time sensitive code access retricting entry to the building of an indiviudal to that exact time frame only, again increasing the secutiry to the building.  By having the entry secured in this way management can ensure that the premises is monitored to the best of its capabilities. Giving the highest level of secuiry to the building without the need for a security gaurd monitoring acccess points daily.

The magnetic lock entry system is perfect to provide the ultimate safety without compromise.  It works seamlessly with the Keypad and Bluetooth entry.  This magentic lock entry system is also recommended for properties as it provides a safe automatic release if there is an emergency and is not reliant on power to function.


To provide extra security we recommended that the owners combine an M1 Alarm System with a Hikvision CCTV System.  These systems work in conjunction and give management access and security across the property.  The cameras can be installed both externally and internally to give a complete 360 degree view of the property if required, with the footage stored locally for easy access.  The system has night-vision capabilitiess and the switches can be programmed to be motion sensitive throughout all the levels of the building.

Remote access is also a must when it comes to keeping a property safe and secure. By adding in remote access, a property can be monitored and maintained without a tenant or owner being there 24 hours a day.  The systems can be programmed and set to give management the best possible access whilst off-site depending on the needs of the consumer.  The entire building is now as safe as it can be to ensure staff and IP are protected at all times.

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