C-Bus Luxury Home Automation Templestowe

Our C-Bus Luxury Home Automation in Templestowe was a true example of a fully automated home.  The brand new build spans 3 levels and our C-Bus specialist technicians began at the plans and design phase to bring this concept to life.  Close consultation with the Melbourne home owners allowed us to automate the home to the owners exact requirements.

A Fully Automated home

3 C-Bus Automation Networks and a Clipsal Wiser Home Control Unit were installed and the innovative automation system allows the homeowner perfect control of all of their technology anywhere, at any time via a smart phone or a tablet, or the conveniently located colour touchscreens distributed throughout the 3 levels of the home.


we were asked How do I automate my home in this amazing facade

The stunning home welcomes you with a relaxing automated water fountain scheduled to turn on at specific times of the day and night.



Luxury facade of high end automated home Templestowe



On the ground floor is an impressive indoor concrete pool and spa. The ceiling of the pool area consists purely of windows, flooding the magnificent space in natural light. Our C-Bus technicians installed C-Bus integrated shutter relays to control the ceiling windows, transforming this extraordinary indoor space into an outdoor oasis at the click of a button to take full advantage of the Melbourne summer.  As a first the roof has automated water jets that act to clean the glass after a rain event. Complimenting the pool and spa is a full-size sauna and multi-purpose gymnasium.


The upstairs hallways are lined by marble with inbedded LED lighting to give the marble a ‘lit from within look’. All the bathrooms feature accent LED strip lighting to highlight the stunning craftsmanship of the design and construction.glass stairs with automated lighting and heating home

Lights are programmed on dimmers creating the ultimate relaxing atmosphere for bed time or simply winding down in the bath tub.  Elan multi-room audio has also been installed throughout each zone to compliment any mood, thus allowing the homeowners instant access to music in any room,  A multi room intercom system allows easy communication between occupants of the home.

Bathroom with automated lighting

Energy efficient home automation

For these particular homeowners energy efficiency was a key driver when deciding to install an automation system. Integrated Electrical Technology delivered the ultimate energy efficient home automation solution. By installing C-Bus occupancy sensors and dimmers throughout the home it meant reduced energy consumption when the room is not in use or when extra power was not required. Not all energy efficient solutions have to be dull though. Our C-Bus Specialists installed a C-Bus Wiser which gives the residents the ability to customise and save their lighting schedules and settings to match their lifestyle requirements. This includes saving a theme for ‘entertaining’ or a theme for ‘going to bed’

Our C-Bus expert electricians also installed a Coolmaster Automation Unit for the integration of climate control, so cooling and heating is only generated when required. This system can conveniently be scheduled and set for prime times and temperatures to suit the family’s lifestyle requirements and comfort.  This is truly an energy efficient automated home.

automated lighting in staircase in Luxury Melbourne home

A House with multiple features

Not to be forgotten is the commercial cinema room neatly tucked away on the basement level. Our C-Bus programmers installed C-Bus DMX gateways for multicolored RGB LED strip lighting control to wow their guests, and C-Bus Dali Gateway dimmer control producing the ultimate cinema viewing experience.

Outside you will find a competition sized tennis court with C-Bus lighting control for the perfect hit of tennis and after dark eliminating with no need to turn on the other garden lights, they are all automated.  If you would like to learn more about home automation design with one of our C-Bus experts call us now.