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A trend that’s growing in popularity, home automation is the perfect way to make life better for you and your family. Whether you opt for a fully integrated C-Bus system design or prefer to automate just some activities, SMART home automation system design can create the 21st-century living space you deserve. Read on to discover more about the benefits of premium home automation design, and how we can create cost-effective, reliable, automated design solutions for a wide range of needs.

What is home automation design?

Home automation design refers to creating customised systems for the home that use cutting-edge technology (such as computers, wireless technology and Bluetooth) and remote controls to regulate a variety of household activities.

What can home automation design offer?

One of the major benefits of high-quality home automation design is that it can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. We can design a building automation and control system that can be adapted to do almost anything you want it to do. Our home automation design company uses well-known systems from highly regarded manufacturers to provide our clients with the tech design they need to make life easier. Typical examples of the features we can design into a home include:

  • Arrange for separate temperature controls in each room, all of which can be altered remotely through the use of wireless home automation. Control air-conditioning remotely.
  • Remotely control lighting (switch lights on or off/dim the lights in some rooms).  Create an outdoor lighting system/indoor mood lighting/ signature lighting that suits the owners needs.
  • Control entertainment systems remotely. Create a full movie room experience in your home.
  • Install remotely controlled security: see who’s coming into your property even when you’re not there!
  • Open and shut blinds or curtains – perfect for larger windows or to give the illusion someone is at home whilst you’re on holiday.
  • Irrigation systems to keep flower beds, gardens, lawns or crops well watered.
  • Intruder alerts delivered remotely to your phone.
  • Remote locking and unlocking of doors (including the garage door).
  • Complete remote access can be programmed and utilised while away from the home environment. This ensures that your home is run efficiently, even when you’re not there!

Remember, these are just examples of some of the things our clients can enjoy when they opt for a Clipsal home automation design or similar. Get in touch with us and we will create a tailored design that’s specifically geared to your individual property and lifestyle.

What are the benefits of home automation design?

Our home automation design services offer enhanced convenience, greater security, reduced energy use and increased comfort.

Tailored automation

Every home is slightly different, and every homeowner has specific requirements. We provide each client with a bespoke design that’s created to accommodate their individual preferences and needs. Each design provides a home environment that’s as individualised as an interior design palette or furniture layout.

Save money on your energy bills

We design out flaws in your temperature control system, potentially leading to big savings on your energy costs. It’s easy to programme heat where you need it, reducing the likelihood of unused rooms being warmed unnecessarily. Blinds and curtains can be programmed to shut automatically when the temperature starts to rise, keeping rooms cooler and reducing the need for air-conditioning.


Home automation protects you and your family. Automation can be used to control cameras, security gates, motion sensors, locks and more. Straight-forward, fast controls ensure that security measures are strong, but also easy to live with.

Enhanced comfort

An automated home design is one where the interior environment can be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you want a change of temperature, lighting, music or TV channel, automation lets you do it all at the touch of a button, or from your phone.

We are one of the leading home automation design companies in the Melbourne area! Experienced in large-scale and more modest home automation projects, we are ideally placed to design and implement a hi-tech solution for your automation requirements. Get in touch to find out more about wireless network designs and home technologies available.

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