Alencia Wedding Reception and Function Space

Alencia is a state of the art building and one of a kind in regards to the C-Bus lighting automation inside and out.  The function centre is located in Melbourne’s South East and Integrated Electrical Technologies was bought in to literally light up the night sky.

Alencia Wedding Reception and Function Space owners wanted to create a point of difference in the function centre space and using clever technology and premium interiors the centre is now fully customizable to patrons events.  This was able to be created using DMX colour control lighting, C-Bus automation, LED lights, iPads and clever C-Bus programming.

Quality and impressive building Automation

The brief required the centre’s automation to be easy for staff to use and impressive to the eye.  We installed a C-Bus lighting control system that was most suited to the high end project.  Energy efficiency was also a priority for the centre.

Our automation allows Alencia’s staff to be able to set scenes and schedules that have been saved in the C-Bus automation system including, ‘dining’, ‘dancing’, ‘first bridal dance’ and ‘end of function’.  These scenes all have specific[p;’ and different lighting colours, brightness, music types and volume allowing for an intimate or loud venue suitable to any event.  The scenes can all be overridden by the venues custom-built interface present on the ipad at the venue.

Energy efficient automation

By installing sensors in the second floor offices to detect movement the lights only turn on when someone is in the zone, thus reducing electricity.  The C-Bus automation uses a world clock to detect sunrise and sunset.  Now external lights and signage to the venue turn on for security when its closed and to allow better access to patrons during an event.  To further reduce energy consumption, only down lights are used during the venue ‘set up’ phase and then box lighting and nine chandeliers come on during an event.  The entire venues lights and heating automatically turn off at the end of the night.  The owners estimate the automation is saving them around 30 per cent compared to standard lighting.


Colour your

DMX RGB C-Bus lighting was installed inside and outside the building.  This allows Alencia to match colour themes to weddings or corporate events, personalising the feeling of the venue.  The lights are fully programmable to whatever colour clients desire.  Perforated steel encases the exterior of the building and RGB lights have been installed along the surface of the steel to allow the entire exterior to light up and ‘become’ a specific colour which looks spectacular at night.

The dance floor and internal roof space has a web of lights that turn the room colour anything from purple to blue, green etc.  The roof now can match the exterior of the building or a colour theme provided by guests.  It brings the function to life and provides a real talking point for the venue.  Imagine matching the lights to your favourite football team or your work logo or better still your bridal bouquet colours.

The co-operation between Integrated Electrical technologies, Schneider Electric and BH Electrics allowed the project to run smoothly and Alencia is a spectacular venue.