Knox Children & Family Centre (Wantirna) C-Bus

Innovative technology encourages sweet dreams at  Knox Children and Family Centre.

Utilising recent innovative technology, the Knox Children and Family Centre is at the forefront in the early learning environment.   Creating a centre that has the ability to influence behaviour and calm children, while maintaining a complete energy efficient environment, was paramount to council when they were designing the new facility in Wantirna.  They have not only created a centre to be envied but have ensured that the centre is providing the best of everything when it comes to families in the Knox City Council.


Energy efficiency is at its maximum with large solar arrays and battery storage systems allowing the centre to operate off-grid and independently.  The C-Bus Network Automation Controller system installed on-site assists with communication protocols and sharing data, complimented by an easy-to-use interface allowing staff access as needed.  The benefits of all of these wonderful enhancements in the learning environment enable the flexibility to meet the needs of the children throughout the whole day. With seamless integration into Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Operations building management system, the C-Bus Automation Controller is an integral part of the overall energy efficiency of the buildings, creating a seamless solution, which appears to be child’s play.



The centre boasts the ability to have automated lighting schedules that complement the body’s own natural circadian rhythms and this can be used to encourage relaxation or alertness depending on the needs at the time.  For example, in the morning and during meal times the lights can be altered to a brighter setting giving the rooms a more alert texture and ambience and when a more relaxed environment is needed the system can be utilised to dull down the lighting to a warmer luminescence.   This ability to change the lighting has been enabled by the C-Bus Controllers and the open platform and Lua Scripting Interface controls all the schedules from multiple touchscreens.

This scripting involves programmable lighting interfaces such as a ‘cleaners mode’ that can be used when the cleaners are on-site and a schedule to assist with automatic occupancy detectors that are placed in essential areas throughout this modern architectured site.