Garage Automation

Modern garage doors are simply too heavy and awkward to be operated manually. In addition, a manual garage door is inconvenient for motorists. We offer an alternative to the challenges that a manual garage door can bring; we’re garage door automation specialists and we offer a wide range of automated parking garage options. Suitable for single, double, overhead and sliding garage doors, automated garage door solutions are designed to make your life as easy as possible. The cost to automate garage door installations is more modest than you might think, so it’s always worth getting a quote to see what you can get for your money.  Being able to remotely access your garage also means that you have the freedom of being able to have any items safely delivere straight into your garage – and by linking this to your intercom and CCTV system you can see exactly what is being delivered and who is

 Architecture Glen Waverley House with wooden garage door

Automated garage door advantages

No need to leave your vehicle

Whether you have security concerns and wish to be able to complete your
journey in your car, or simply don’t like piling out into the cold or
wet when you need to open the garage door, it makes sense to invest in a
remote opening and closing system. Not only is it safer and almost
effortless, a remote opening door enhances security.

Improvements in security

It’s fairly obvious that a door that’s difficult to open and shut is not
going to be used as frequently as one that can be opened at the touch
of a button, or with a voice command. If there is a temptation to leave
your vehicle out overnight because storing it in the garage is just too
much effort, then it’s worth investing in an automated bifold garage
door or similar. An automated door controller encourages you to use your
garage, protecting the security of your vehicle as well as potentially
protecting it from wind and rain.

Connect your garage door to other systems

In some circumstances, you may want motion sensors to trigger your
garage door to shut. Other households will want the garage doors to open
automatically at a specific time, so that everyone’s vehicle is waiting
for them to go to work or similar. Automation enables a connection with
a wide range of other household systems and appliances, enabling you to
program your garage automation with your other automated tasks.
Linking your garage to your automation system can open up many access
possibilities for you and your family.

Safer than manual operational doors

Manual garage doors operate using a fairly straight-forward, quite
weak mechanism. If the mechanism fails, there is a significant chance
that the door will start to stick or drop; it may fall some distance or
jam. All these problems are potential hazards. Automated garage doors
are designed to fall into a safe position. In addition, breakdown is
rare; with the right maintenance, automated garage doors will keep
working well for decades.

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