Home Security Automation

Keep yourself safe with home security automation

For the modern homeowner, great security is a must for your property.
Whether it’s keeping you and your loved ones safe at night or your
belongings and pets safe while you’re at work, a home automation and
security system is the ideal choice for you. Designed to work around the
clock with no additional input needed, this integrated home security
provides plenty of peace-of-mind without sacrificing your privacy.
Subtle, practical and easy-to-use, a smart home security system is the
perfect match for your household.

Tailor your system with solutions from home security and automation companies

While many pre-built security systems don’t provide you with
different options or price points for your security system, automated
systems are completely different. These modular systems can be
completely customised to suit your individual needs. Whether you require
a sophisticated smart lighting and alarm system, basic security cameras
or smart door locks, working with our specialist team at Integrated
Electrical Technologies is the best way to get an automated security
system that you’ll love.

With the ability to integrate into existing smart home devices and
services, your home security system can be accessed through a
smartphone, voice controls or even via professional monitoring, if this
is a service you require. From simple setups with doorbell cameras and a
basic control panel through to all-encompassing systems, we deliver
exactly what you need to feel safe in your own home. Whether you’ve had a
break-in in the past, or you want to prevent the possibility from ever
happening, our qualified team are the best ones for the job.

Home automation security system integration for one easy-to-use system

Instead of struggling with external security systems or managing
poorly optimised digital setups, our easy-to-install security
integrations slot neatly into your existing setup. Whether you currently
use Google, Amazon, Apple, Ness, or any other home automation device,
we can find a solution that works for your exact needs. Anything from
digital key fobs through to alarms that connect to your speaker system
can provide an added layer of security, making your home feel that bit

As security and home automation experts, our team at Integrated
Electrical Technologies has the knowledge and expertise to install an
automated home security system that suits your individual needs. We work
with you to find a security option that best suits your household, and
we even offer starter kits at an affordable rate to bump up your
security quickly and easily.

Enhance your integrated home security today

Do you need a security system you can rely on? Get in touch with our
team today to find out more about how our home security integrations
might be the right fit for you. Whether you’ve already got a complete
setup or you’re planning on investing in a full automation solution,
we’re the team for the job. Contact us today to get a free quote for our
solutions, or to book in with us now.

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