Brighton C-Bus Intelligent Automation

This spectacular Brighton home impressively combines expansive open plan living with opulent finishes and materials to create a lavish atmosphere from the moment you enter. The owners wanted to further enhance their luxurious atmosphere by installing state of the art, wireless automation systems to control the lighting and temperature throughout the immaculate 4-bedroom home without the need of messy wires and cords.

Protecting your home has never been easier, with an abundance of automated security systems available to add extra security to your residence. This family decided to install an innovative keyless fingerprint door entry system. The biometric identification technology allows the family to store up to 100 different fingerprints and access their home via fingerprint, Bluetooth or even their iOS or Android smartphones.

Inside, our Melbourne C-Bus technicians installed a C-Bus Automation System which allows the home owners complete control of all their technology from anywhere in the world. This unique system allows them to access their home’s electrical systems via a smart phone or tablet so they can set schedules, timers, adjust lighting and temperatures with the tap of a screen. A C-Bus Wiser has been integrated to give the family the ability to set different moods for different purposes, such as entertaining guests, evening relaxation or even being away-from-home. With colour touchscreens installed throughout the house, the home owners can access their electronic systems from wherever they are.

Our C-Bus installers integrated C-Bus relays for smart lighting control throughout the residence. A variety of intelligently positioned C-Bus sensors have also been installed to ensure the lights are only in use when required. This allows for maximum energy efficiency, saving the customer money and precious resources.

Aesthetically, a remarkable architectural lighting design creates a transcendent statement at the top of the natural stone steps, which are cleverly lined with LED lights connected to the automation system. LED strip lighting has been used to accent sophisticated cabinetry and edging in the bathrooms and bedrooms, adding unsurpassed style and depth. Luxurious marble benchtops and custom-made furniture in the kitchen and living areas are accentuated with chic, black pendent lights for utmost functionality. A C-Bus Dali Gateway has also been installed for dimming of the LED strip lighting and contemporary pendent lighting, to further enhance the relaxing atmosphere where this couple can unwind after a long day.

Temperature control has not been overlooked, with a Coolmaster Automation unit installed for the integration of air conditioning. This set-and-forget unit leads the way in energy efficiency, by only generating cooling when required. To ensure the harsh Melbourne weather conditions don’t impact the home’s temperature control, we have installed C-Bus shutter relays for remote blind/ curtain window control throughout the living spaces and bedrooms. With the ability to control the blinds and curtains from anywhere at any time, or alternatively set timers, the homeowners can ensure they are keeping the warmth in their home and the cool out.

As you step outside, the picturesque gardens feature over 20 automated garden lights across 3 separate zones to frame the luscious turfed area. This generous outdoor space also boasts a custom designed concrete pool with moody lighting which has been integrated with the automation system to make summer nights more convenient and relaxing.

Finished with the latest in electrical appliances, energy saving lighting and Sonos multi-room audio implemented throughout, this smart home provides ultimate convenience and a hassle-free living experience. If you would like to speak to one of our expert electricians or a C-Bus Specialist about how we can improve your living experience in Brighton or other Melbourne suburbs, contact us for an automation consultation today.