The Magic Of Automated Homes

Taken from Property Centrepiece Magazine https://www.propertycenterpiece.com.au/post/the-magic-of-automated-homes Imagine pulling into your driveway after a long day at work to find your garage doors already opening and, when you enter your home, your favourite music playing, perfectly heated or cooled rooms and levels of lighting just as you like them. With I.E.T automation you can come home […]


The Block 2021 Theater winning room

WE WON THE BLOCK 2021-HOUSE 5 CINEMA ROOMWhen it comes to building and designing a home in the post Covid environment people are spending more time at home and in front of a screen.  Family’s and couples are now prioritising the home cinema above things like travel and a new car.  This is where you […]

What are the advantages of automating my blinds?

Multiple functions can be built into automated blinds If you automate your blinds you can build in special functions like programming all the living area blinds to go down automatically at sunset. Automated blinds are clever and they use the internet to connect with the National Time Server to automatically know what time sunset is […]

Innovative technology encourages sweet dreams at children and family centres.