What are the advantages of automating my blinds?

Multiple functions can be built into automated blinds

Advantages of Automating:

There are many advantages of automating. If you automate your blinds you can build in special functions like programming all the living area blinds to go down automatically at sunset. Automated blinds are clever and they use the internet to connect with the National Time Server to automatically know what time sunset is everyday. No need to adjust for different times of the year or make any changes during daylight savings. Living room blinds can be synchronised with garden lights, the blinds lower at night when the garden is switched off.

Home Privacy is maximised

When your blinds are programmed you can lower all rooms when you arrive home or at set times of the day for your childrens bedroom blinds to close when they are getting changed. If your main living areas face the street you can program them to go down once the lights in the room go on so people cannot look into your home.


You can easily reprogram your blinds to suit your new needs

Changes to your schedule, like going away on holidays or leaving blinds closed or open for longer hour can easily be accounted for. You home can easily be adjusted via the ipad or touch screen controlling that room and you will receive training on how to do this, avoiding ongoing costs of technicians dealing with your home programming.

Our technicians communicate directly with your blind manufacturer

When we take care of your automated blinds we liaise directly with your blind manufacturer and we ensure blinds are ordered that can be automated. The hard work is all done for you, we supply the requirements and talk directly with the person making your blinds. No need for you to intervene, the construction, installation and programming is all done for you.

Money is saved on heating and cooling bills

Finally automating your blinds leads to energy and money savings across your automated homes. Automatically shutting your blinds makes your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer actively reduce your heating and cooling costs in some case by upto 10-15%