The Magic Of Automated Homes

Imagine pulling into your driveway after a long day at work to find your garage doors already opening and, when you enter your home, your favourite music playing, perfectly heated or cooled rooms and levels of lighting just as you like them. With I.E.T automation you can come home to your favourite mood every day. Or, if you want to mix it up, you can use a phone app to override your pre-set timings or settings to suit how you are feeling at any particular moment.

Founder of I.E.T, Ray, has been an electrician for 25 years. A seminar on home automation 20 years ago sparked his interest in developing technology that delivers the ultimate in convenient and luxurious living. Advancement in home automation has exploded in the last 3-5 years and even the most technologically challenged home or business owner can incorporate a system that manages everything from securing the home, to opening and closing blinds and pergolas to supplying customized entertainment to every member of the household.

“The ceiling of the pool area consists purely of windows, flooding the magnificent space in natural light. C-Bus technicians installed C-Bus integrated shutter relays to control the ceiling windows, transforming this extraordinary indoor space into an outdoor oasis at the click of a button …”


Ray and his partner Lauren established I.E.T in 2003 and have been delivering home automation systems tailored to each customer’s needs ever since. Ideally involved at the design stage, Ray loves teasing out what a client’s ideal automation system looks like and, if it doesn’t already exist, he will explore ways to deliver it. While not always possible, this process has led to some of his most innovative products. A recent challenge posed to him was to install lights in a pool that mirrored the look of “star lights” similar to those found in movie theatre ceilings. After careful consideration Ray designed an automated lighting system nestled into the tiles at the bottom of the pool that, at night, creates a delightful twinkling effect from within the pool.


“In-pool fibre lighting has also been utilised to create additional sparkle.”


Speaking of stars, Ray was delighted to have worked with Jessie and Kirsty on The Block 2021. Their prize-winning cinema room featured I.E.T technology operated by an easy-to-use control panel for everything from the lighting to the projector and audio system.

And before you ask – yes, Jessie and Kirsty are as nice as they appeared on the show!

Another customer of Ray and Lauren’s is a 75-year-old gent who was strongly against automating his home but had grudgingly agreed to a system to please his wife. A follow up call to the wife three months after installation revealed that her husband was delighted with the product – as much as anything because he could remotely turn off the lights on anyone having too long a shower! He also enjoys the security of fingerprint entry, CCTV for the entire home and night vision. And his wife appreciates the motion activated low level lighting when he makes a night-time trip to the bathroom!

” Lights programmed on dimmers create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere .. Savant multi-room audio installed throughout each zone can compliment the mood and allows instant access to music in any room, inside or out. A multi room intercom system allows easy communication between occupants of the home..”

Another of Ray and Lauren’s jobs, and one of the most rewarding, is home automation for a disabled customer. Ray has taken the time to understand the customer’s lifestyle and to recommend, develop and install a system that makes the customer’s life significantly easier, particularly with the use of voice commands.


Personalize your home, from the climate, sound, entertainment, security & more


As well as sophisticated functionality, Ray has turned his attention to energy efficiency and seeks to minimize the footprint of the home. He is also incredibly knowledgeable about regulations and can guide home and business owners on the best products to maximize their return on investment.

Ray and Lauren pride themselves on delivering a home automation system that meets their customers’ needs. They constantly educate themselves on what is happening in the geo-sensing world and as a result deliver cutting edge heating, entertainment, security and lighting solutions.

large lounge room white half circle lounge

” C-Bus occupancy sensors and dimmers were installed throughout the home in order to reduce energy consumption when the room is not in use or when extra power was not required.”


Blinds can be programmed to close when the temperature reaches a certain level and to open on sunrise, rain sensors can activate pergola blades to close, protecting outdoor furniture from the elements and if windy conditions are experienced shutters will automatically close. Whatever the customer’s needs, Ray and Lauren aim always to exceed expectations.


Home and business automation is not the way of the future – the desire for an easier way of living is here now. Automation of everyday functions in the home or workplace is in ever-increasing demand and the value of homes and businesses that have I.E.T products against those that don’t is significantly higher.

If you are undertaking a new build or renovation and haven’t considered an automation system, you’d be wise to look into how such a system can improve your life and add value to your property. For an obligation-free consultation call Lauren or Ray on 03 9998 7444 to arrange a time to discuss your plans and to map out a home or business automation system that makes life just that much easier.