Building Automation Design

Automated building management is increasingly taking over from manual control when it comes to keeping occupants comfortable and safe. Our company provides premium building automation design, as well as installing and maintaining the technology needed to transform the way a building operates. From remote control of lighting through to automation and control systems for heating, sound and security, building automation and control systems can revolutionise the way in which a modern home operates.

Enhanced energy saving

A building automation system ensures you never use more energy than you need to. For example, each room can be programmed to a different temperature, so you’re never heating (or cooling) rooms that aren’t in use. Lights can be programmed to switch on only when needed. If you leave a room, SMART building automation systems can switch off the lights behind you! Remotely operated, wireless HVAC controls provide an HVAC system that’s extremely energy efficient.

Building automation enhances security

Security is always a priority, which is why intelligent building automation systems are in so much demand. A building automation system (BAS) is suitable for use in single occupancy properties (for example, a private home), as well as adaptable for use in multi-occupancy apartments or similar. A suitable communications protocol ensures that access to security controls is limited to authorised personnel.

Security measures can be tailored to the needs of the building – cameras, sound systems, locks, security lighting, pressure pads and other security measures can all be controlled remotely and wirelessly once an appropriate access control system has been installed.

We will work with you to design a system that optimises safety, at the same time as being user-friendly and suitable for your lifestyle.

Comfort and convenience

First and foremost, a building management system (BMS) should result in building occupants and premises managers (or homeowners) finding that life is more comfortable and easier. From more straight-forward energy management through to building controlled systems that take the hassle out of everyday life (such as blinds or curtains that can be drawn at the touch of a button, or a home that’s exactly the right temperature when you return home for the day), automation frees up time to enjoy life, rather than spending it on tiresome chores.

Keep control, even when you’re not there!

When people are out at work all day, there sometimes just isn’t time to keep on top of all the household tasks that need doing. A building automation system makes life easier, providing little touches of luxury as well as saving energy and boosting security.  Who doesn’t want to return to a temperature-controlled home, with drapes drawn, lights set at just the right level, water hot for a shower and your favourite tunes playing when you open the door? Automation can achieve all that and much more!

We are a seasoned, Melbourne-based home automation company that provides high-grade, technologically advanced building automation design and installation. Call us to find out more about the possibilities that building automation could bring to your property.