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Home automation technology is rapidly developing so our state-of the-art knowledge ensures we can advise you on the most up-to-date home automation system.

Every installation is unique so it is important that architects and builders seek home automation advice at the design and planning stages to achieve an optimum result for the home owner.

In planning for a home automation system it is essential to consider not only the automation hardware and software but also the home appliances and fittings that will be part of the system.  Seek our advice as early as possible.

We also advise on commercial building automation systems.


We can supply you C-Bus /Dali home automation systems at wholesale prices due to our Clipsal Point One Accreditation.  We sell direct to property owners and also provide trade sales and support.

With our extensive installation experience and commitment to on-going training we’ll make sure you make the right product choices for your unique automation requirements.

We also provide a prompt delivery service.


Home automation is a complex system that brings ease, simplicity, comfort and security to your life.   A skilled and experienced installer, who knows just how to fit this complex system to your lifestyle, is essential to your home enjoyment.

We have been a trusted installer of home automation systems for over 10 years and as evidence of the quality of our work we have been appointed a member of the invitation-only Clipsal Point One Program.

We are also certified electricians so we can deliver a full installation service that installs all electrical components as well as software programming.


Life is full of changes but we’ll always be available to help you to adjust your home automation systems to suit your changing needs.

If we haven’t installed your home automation system and it isn’t suiting your lifestyle then we are the go-to people to improve your system.  We’re regularly engaged to troubleshoot and enhance existing home automation installations.