Multi-Room Audio

Find the best multi-room audio solution for your home

Love music? Enjoy watching movies with surround sound? With multi-room audio, you can get the full cinema and concert experience directly within your own home. With a high-quality smart speaker system throughout your home, you can take your music everywhere with you. From cooking in the kitchen to eating in the dining room and relaxing in the lounge, our multi-room audio systems provide the perfect way to enjoy music streaming for Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music and more.

Discover ultimate connectivity with multi-room audio

With one instruction, your home could be filled with a selection of music from your favourite playlist. Or request your favourite album, genre or song, and allow your system to do the rest. 

Alongside providing the ideal way to spread the audio around your home, a multi-room audio speaker system can also be isolated per room. That means you can have multiple playlists, YouTube videos and movies on the go at once, all with perfect-clarity sound. At Integrated Electrical Technologies we offer a wide range of  speakers that can provide exceptional clarity and quality of sound, allowing you to enjoy music exactly as your favourite singers and bands intended. Now that’s our kind of connectivity.

Bring music everywhere with multi-room audio systems

From the bathroom to the bedroom to the kitchen, bring music with you everywhere you go. A home audio systems multi-room setup gives you incredible freedom, with no need for controllers or gadgets to keep your music playing. And whether you’re after something low-key and simple or you want as much power from your speakers as possible, we’ve got a setup that’ll work for you.

Even better, many of our smart speaker systems offer hundreds of other integrations. From temperature controls to setting timers for your dinner, there’s no limitation on what your smart speakers can offer. If you’re looking for the best multi-room audio solution that goes the extra mile, our solutions are the best fit for your needs. Whether you’re a hi-fi enthusiast or you simply love to wake up to the sounds of birdsong, we cater to your needs and exceed your expectations every time at Integrated Electrical Technologies.

Bring audio to your home today

Ready to transform how you listen today? Get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team to discover exactly what we could offer you. We’re passionate about home automation and multi-room audio, and we’d love to find a solution that works perfectly for you.