Lighting Automation

Are you considering smart home automation lighting control? We are a leading provider of Clipsal C-Bus lighting control systems and related technology that can provide a customised, responsive lighting solution specifically geared to the needs of your household. The contemporary market has a wealth of automated lighting options available, ensuring that every home can enjoy the benefits that a partial or totally automated lighting system can bring. Suitable for both residential and commercial premises, C-Bus controlled LED lighting can absolutely transform your lighting experience.

What is a smart home lighting control system?

A smart or automated lighting control system is one that operates automatically. Controlled remotely, advanced technology enables users to programme and alter lighting settings no matter where they are. The lighting is controlled via a smartphone, tablet or computer, enabling effortless adjustment. An automated system can be used to control all the lights in a home, or simply some key lights that require adjustment for security or safety purposes.

Google home automation lights

Easily operated through the Google Assistant, the Google Voice Home Automation technology enables users to control thousands of different automated products by voice alone. Google Home Automation incorporates everything from lighting through to entertainment, security, compatible appliances and more.

What are the advantages of using automated LED lights in your smart home?

Whether you opt for voice control to operate your lights, or use a device, automated lighting provides a range of advantages:

  • Ease of operation. Not only do you not have to get up to adjust lighting, voice activation means you can adjust the lighting to your chosen requirements whilst cooking, completing DIY or carrying out any other task that requires a lighting change. Voice-activated lights can also be incredibly useful for people with limited mobility and/or manual dexterity.
  • A green option. Lights can be programmed to operate only when someone is in the room to use them. Movement sensors can be used to trigger lighting when needed. In addition, lights can be switched on remotely, so if you want a lit home in the evening and are out for the day, there’s no need to leave the lights on all day. Being able to tailor your lighting to suit your personal requirements ensures optimal energy efficiency.
  • Better lighting. In most cases, occupants of a room won’t spend time adjusting the lighting, as it’s too time-consuming. Automated lighting is speedy and easy to alter, optimising the chances that people will end up with lighting that’s exactly right. In addition to using technology to switch lights on and off, C-Bus innovation allows lights to be dimmed remotely, as well as adjusted using motion sensors if required.
  • Improved security. Lighting is a key feature of any successful security system. Automated lighting can be programmed to come on automatically when visibility is poor. In the event of an unauthorised entry, motion sensors can be triggered that connect to lighting, causing an immediate flood of illumination.