Blind Automation

Automated blind control isn’t just a convenient way to ensure your window dressings are appropriately adjusted for the time of day, it’s also a key part of your energy saving measures, security and interior design. Suitable for blinds of almost any shape and size, an automated blind system can absolutely transform your interior. We fit home automation blinds as a fresh installation or can install appropriate technology to automate existing blinds.

By opting for blind automation a homeowner can enjoy:

  • The freedom to install blinds in any window. Traditionally, homeowners have been deterred from purchasing blinds for larger windows, as their size made them too unwieldy to operate manually. In addition, a larger blind can be difficult to open or close without an appropriate form of automated assistance. Automated blinds ensure blinds of any size can be operated smoothly and easily.
  • Far more options for blind positioning. In general, manual blinds tend to be open or shut. Automation opens up a wealth of additional settings, enabling a homeowner to minutely alter the slat angle to capture more light, or conversely to provide additional shade. Easy, automatic adjustment encourages blinds to be altered more frequently, leading to the optimisation of natural daylight.  Blinds can be automated to a time schedule or even controlled by temperature for energy efficiency. 
  • Blinds can be operated in more than one room remotely. Automated blinds can be controlled from another room – or even from another state! One automated command is all that is necessary for all the blinds in your home to open or close – perfect for ensuring blinds are shut during the night, or when privacy is required.
  • A great security measure. Being able to shut your blinds remotely means it’s possible to give the illusion that someone is at home, even if the property is empty. This impression can be a powerful deterrent to unauthorised entry.
  • Maximise thermal savings. As automated blinds can be adjusted minutely, it’s possible to use them as thermal regulators. During the warmer months, adjusting blinds to reduce sunlight as the day goes on can help to keep temperatures pleasantly low; conversely, during the cooler months, drawn blinds can reduce the amount of interior heat that’s lost to the outside. If you’re hoping to save money on your energy bills, automated blinds could be a good choice.
  • Smart blinds can free up valuable space in your home. Rather than opting for flamboyant window dressings that eat up the space around the window, a blind can sit easily within the window aperture, ensuring a smooth, modern line and minimal intrusion into the overall decor scheme.

Every automated blind project that we do is specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. Get in touch to find out why a growing number of people are joining the smart home revolution!